Criminal Justice for Authors

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Not too long ago, I was reading a thriller about a serial killer. The book was generally well written. But there were many factual errors about the criminal justice system, and each error pulled me right out of the story. In the end, I gave up on what might have been a very good book–if the details had been right.

And that’s why I began this website. I’m just starting out for now, but I’ve already provided summaries of how the justice system works. I’m hoping this will serve as a reference for authors. I’ll also be blogging weekly about topics related to criminal justice. These will help dispel common myths and also, I hope, serve as inspiration for writers. I’ll also be answering your questions, so click on the contact us page if there’s something you’re dying to know.

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So, do you wonder how to make a federal case out of something? Know the difference between a prelim and a grand jury? Are you unclear about all the different kinds of policing or the distinction between prisons and jails? Curious about accuracy in crime types, police technology, and jury procedures? Here’s where to get your answers to these questions and more.